Saturday, July 18, 2009

the value of meaningful friends

On a gorgeous Sunday evening we said good night to the boys, got in our friends car and traveled with them to Waterloo. It was a highlight being able to go to Morgan & Martha's for the next few days. Morgan is Dave's best friend and they are treasured friends to both of us. They have a lovely home and successful business! To say their home is lovely is an understatement. It was pure relaxation and eye candy. I felt instantly at home and purely relaxed. We were treated to Lychee Martini's and spent time on the patio before curling up in bed never to be woken by little ones.

Monday we woke up (after sleeping in till almost 9!!!) and were treated to a delicious breakfast and the best coffee I had tasted that trip. Lucky me, I got it for the next three days!! We had Toronto on the agenda for the day so after breakfast we drove there. I must admit first off I set myself up pretty good... I had been anticipating this for so long and had placed all my desires in this one city. I admit that this was my downfall. Most of the shops I wanted to go in were of course CLOSED on a Monday! Driving in Toronto is not pleasurable so I felt bad for our hosts. We did end up in lovely shops and I tried on magnificent dresses with price tags that almost gave Dave a coronary. After a few unsuccessful attempts we excelled at what we do best.. eating! We ate at an all you can eat Korean BBQ place. It was AMAZING!! Beautiful meats and side dishes all cooked in front of you. Morgan was master griller and I was so stuffed I was sure you would have to roll me out of there.

We headed down to the Eaton Centre and checked out some more shops. I made some purchases at H & M and regrettably walked away from a gorgeous pair of purple shoes at Town Shoes. After I stopped in Urban Outfitters and found some nice house stuff we set off in my top of the list destination.. Anthropologie. It did NOT disappoint. I was in love. I walked around the store for hours touching, looking and trying on things. I found dainty door pulls, industrial D's, some small gifts and a lovely dress fit for a girl about to turn 30!!

My shopping desire was fulfilled (for that day) and we headed to the second best place on earth The Bier Market. Whoa. Over a hundred beer and steller food to boot. We sat on the patio and decided on the sampler. We each got a different sampler which is 6 beers all beautiful placed on a lazy susan type thing. It was AWESOME! Dave and I shared Poutine and we had a great time!
After a long drive home we settled in for yet another night with no pitter patter....

Tuesday we decided to stick closer to their neck of the woods and explore the Tri-Cities (Cambridge - Kitchener - Waterloo).
After yet another yummy breakfast we set off to shop. Another very successful day of retail therapy for me! All in all we are talking. Clothes, Bedding, Shoes, and Decor.
We dined at an Indian Restaurant that was tantalizing to the taste buds. It had been so long since I had such good flavorful food. We also spent some great quality time with our friends and lingered over Chai Tea.
We went back to their place for a night cap.

Wednesday we had a leisurely day the kind you dream of when on vacation. We ate late, we played Wii, we spent time just chilling. We packed and sat out drinking beer in the afternoon. We decided we must eat All you can eat Sushi again and set off for another place they discovered. So good. We must have had 30 pieces of fresh Sashimi each. Buttery Salmon - YUM!
After our stomachs (well except for Dave who gained at least 10 lbs on this trip) were full we set off for Huron Park to reunite with our lovely little guys.

It was the best three days spent with friends who are generous, kind, warm and just make you feel like you are the most important people in the world! It was more meaningful than we could have imagined.

Next up. the end...


carly smith said...

sounds like you had a wonderful time! i love hearing you describe your shopping trip.... your journey to Mecca :) hehe. can't wait to see all you got!

Jamy said...

just a note regarding your comment on my post. I'm just trying the coconut oil on him right now, but if that doesn't seem to help, I'll let ya know and order some of that shea butter. How much is it?
Thanks for the advice.

DavenHeather said...

I hope that helps Jamy! Poor guy! The Shea Butter is $25.99 and will last you years!!! Let me know if you need some. Good luck!!

valerie said...

Oh Heather -- it just sounds heavenly. So glad you and Dave got to enjoy it :)

Marcy said...

Mmmm... just listening to all your purchases has me drooling!