Wednesday, July 01, 2009

mental memory

I am officially on holidays!!!! School is over for another year and although their were some yucky goodbyes it was a great last day!

so today was such a good day. i didn't take out my camera once which is sad so here is my mental memories for today that can't be forgotten.

Happy Canada Day
-dave is off today!!!
-scrambelled eggs, turkey bacon and coffee for breakfast
-packing up sand toys and picnic lunch
-heading to the beach with my whole family (including Ruby & Crystal)
-spending a great morning sitting in the sun with everyone having so much fun.
-picnic lunch in the sand
-heading downtown for Canada Day festivities that included: blow up bouncy things, big bouncy slide, petting zoo, a ride on a train, getting to help the fireman with the water hose. (all of the above things my big boys did with no trepidation!!
-heading back to my parents for margaritas and more family time
-iceburg for supper
-yummy coffee and conversation
-crashing at home after a long day in the sun with a one sided sunburn and a full tummy.
-life is good!

and just because i want to leave you with some pictures of this past week...

taken at our church picnic just to document the amazing ways my kids are exactly like their dad.

and in honor of the amazing woman who made this last year so easy and who loves my kids and all her kids with the most grace and generosity of Spirit. we will miss her this summer and look forward to being there again in fall!!


Evelyn said...

congrats for being on holidays!!! you deserve it!
can't wait to see you soon.
:) evelyn

Crystal said...

A few comments.
1. I was glad to be part of your great day - even though I wasn't really part of the 'inner circle'.
2. I wish I had been invited to the 'inner circle' for iceburg supper, though.
3. I want that little girl's shirt for Rubster. Who's her stylist?

valerie said...

Crystal -- the fashionista you're looking for is Cindy Hamilton :)

Heather - love the post and LOVE the pics of the kids and Shirlie. She is an angel :)

Budilian said...

You lost me at Turkey Bacon. But I'm glad you had a great Canada Day.

Cindy said...

Crystal - the tank is from Target. :)

Waiting said...

Turkey bacon is the best!! Budilian, you must try it!