Monday, May 04, 2009

this post brought to you by the number 8 ** edited.

8 Things I Am Looking Forward To:
- going to Ontario in July
- my magic day
- being all the way through potty training
- finding artwork for my dining room wall
- finishing the decor projects in the boys room
- shopping in Ontario in July
- warmth
- coffee tomorrow morning.
8 Things I Did Yesterday:
- drank coffee
- went to church
- visited with good friends
- made lunch
- read stories and watched The Cars movie
- watched my husband play football
- went for a run
- shopped for clothes online (just needed retail therapy)
8 Things I Wish I Could do:
- sing outloud again
- design & sew my own clothes
- run a marathon
- sit on a beach somewhere
- eat whatever I want when I want
- walk down Commerical Drive
- go on a unlimited shopping spree
- buy a new computer
8 Shows I Watch:
** edited to say.. we do have tv. i had copied this from a friend and forgot to take it out :)
- Grey's
- Amazing Race
- Top Chef
- Lost
- Sarah's House
- Sarah's Cottage
- Design Inc
- Iron Chef America
8 Favorite Fruits:
- mandarin oranges
- granny smith apples
- mango's
- pineapples
- pomegranates
- saskatoons
- raspberries
- strawberries
8 Places I’d Like to Travel To:
- Italy
- Spain
- Ireland
- Australia
- Vancouver
- L.A.
- Minneapolis (shopping)
- Jamaica
8 Places I’ve Lived:
- Winkler (in 3 different houses)
- L.A.
-Shelton, WA
-Colorado Springs
-Dundas, Ontario

Thanks Holly. That was fun!


EH said...

Ontario in July sounds good. Potty training won't last forever... trust me. I just went through it with our youngest {started in Nov with potty intro and put him in undies in March} and I can now take him into the public in underpants and jeans - yeah!

Holly said...

fun for me too!

Jenelle Suderman said...

you don't have a tv???

Lydia said...

I'm looking forward to you coming to ONT as well!!

not sure what kind of artwork you're looking for, but I found some really nice stuff at It's not too expensive and then you can just buy a frame (or get it framed). Or if you have this kind of store in Winkler, get it put on canvas so it looks more "art"-like.

Andrew & Lisa said...

I noticed that PNG is not on your 'places I want to travel to' list....wuzz up?! :)

all right - we'll meet in Australia.