Friday, May 08, 2009

the one

i'm not too late. i have an hour left to celebrate the best guy i know. he is many things to many people. words that come to mind... patient, fun, solid, gracious, peaceful, decent, generous, young at heart.. life for us would never be full without him in it. we are lucky to have him. he is many things.. here are a few that make me love him.

he makes new friends easily

he is silly

he never cares what people think of him

he sees the absolute best in everyone

he is a good friend

the very best father

an amazing husband

a good son & a good brother

he is peaceful

he enjoys life

he knows when to be quiet and when to be loud

he is comfortable in his own skin

he takes such good care of us

happy birthday to my very own Italian Stallion. i heart you.


Andrew & Lisa said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the I.S. from the VBergs in PNG. We sorely missed out on celebrating with you at Smits.

Steve said...

Happy Birthday! Oh, I wanna come see you guys!!! How far would you be from Spokane, Washington???

DavenHeather said...

lol good try trena.. say close to 30 hours... :) we would love to see you come over anytime.

Jenelle Suderman said...

Awww..what an nice tribute..and seriously you HAVE to have more babies..sooo cute :)