Saturday, April 11, 2009

a culinary night of magic

Our dinner party decided to go with a spring theme this year and we decided on Citrus. If you are unaware of our group.. we take a theme and we try to create things that challenge not only our culinary skills but also our pallets.
This was my first try at dessert. Normally I shy away from desert... I guess I am just a bit insecure in that area.
We were wowed by a menu of duck a la'orange, mushrooms in a citrus oil, salad topped with the best feta I have tried in a long time, roasted potatoes with sage and orange peel, a citrus tampenade for an appetizer and lastly my citrus cakes (or as dave called them citrus burgers)
I often forget to mention the citrus punch the loewen's graciously made us. Forgetting only because I helped myself to many glasses and it was oh so good (mainly in part to the whole bottle of gin) :)
My camera died so Crystal sent me these pictures of our sweet time together and for some reason I couldn't make them bigger after I saved them so here you go.


Jenelle Suderman said...

love that picture of you and cute!!

Angela said...

You didn't mention how the dessert turned out?

Ellen said...

oh, the citrus punch looks good - is it possible to get a copy of the recipe?? I am doing a June party and keeping my eye out for tasty recipes :)