Wednesday, February 18, 2009

how to get the most of out of the long weekend.

This is from last weekend.. I waited so long to post cause I wanted to get the pics off of my parents camera.. just never happened.

1. buy four pairs of shoes the first day
2. travel well... great kids, good border experience, good roads
3. step foot in supertarget before noon.
4. eat at Qdoba's... YUM. share steak burrito with dave and eat chips with queso.. could it get any better?
5. boys nap in van for almost an hour. awesome.
6. find killer jeans.
7. ride the ferris wheel (ok this was not my idea of fun) i took noah up and was so freaked the whole time. my knuckles were white and everytime he moved i told him to sit still. not good. but he loved it.
8. check into brand new nice hotel
9. the pool area was a bit old for our kids and a bit loud for most humans. the boys stood and stared for almost half an hour before one toe landed in the water. they did better each time but a small kiddie pool would have been better.
10. happy hour. nuff said.
11. Italian take out in hotel rooms shared with family. YUM.
12. Early bed time for kids who were so tired after a fun day. No chatting for them just sleeping.
13. more happy hour (s) the rest of the night in the adults room :) so nice to be able to just have a monitor and let the kids sleep while we hung out.
14. rock solid amazing sleep in comfy beds
15. two words contentintal breakfast.
16. worst coffee ever.. thankful to Chris for a Starbucks run.
17. more pool time. they liked it better.
18. stores open at noon.. shop all afternoon. great deals. only mistake i wore one of my new pairs of shoes and am still paying for it.
19. eat philly cheesesteak sandwhich at the food court. soo good. thanks crystal!
20. supper stop chilli's. raspberry margareta. so good.
21. more swimming. boys had so much fun.
22. after bedtime, watch Cosby marathan with the family taking a break to have some adult time in the pool (and hot tub)
23. another amazing night. not sure how we will get back to waking up early.
24. more last minute shopping. target, hobby lobby.
25. nothing would make the trip complete without lunch at Space Alien. So fun. The boys (not just kids) had a blast. Blow up Spiderman and Superman to prove it.
26. One last stop at Supertarget on the way home. Old Navy and Starbucks.
Defintly a new Feb long weekend tradition.


Crystal said...

Agreed. The only to I would change is "Crystal being horribly sick all weekend." That part I don't want to become tradition.

Tam said...

sounds like a great weekend! Where did you stay?

DavenHeather said...

We stayed at a brand new Best Western.. it was really nice.

The Nilsen's Journey said...

Totally sounds like a wonderful time!!

carly smith said...

we need to live closer!! sounds like an ideal weekend!!
happy hour--great

oh, and four new pairs of shoes!! where? what do they look like? i want to see!!
glad you had fun! :)

Marcy said...

sounds great heather! hope you're feeling better.

joanna said...

how FUN! thanks for sharing...

Amanda said...

I think we deserve a photo fashion show!!

Jennifer said...

That is a superbusy long weekend. You didn't mention the part where you must have had to come home to "recuperate"!

Jamy said...

Oh, sounds like you had so much fun. Its always so nice to get away.

Lisa said...

we both know that to get the most out of the long weekend I need to be there. :)