Wednesday, February 04, 2009

getting to know Ari & Noah - 25 ways.

Copied from facebook... 25 things about Ari & Noah.

1. Ari almost always wakes up first. And spends about 10 minutes calling Noah's name over and over until he too wakes up.
2. They have "stuffies". One is a puppy and one is a frog. These are probably the most important items in N & A life. Sleep would not happen without them. They go to them for comfort and play. Right now they have a fascination with their stuffies boomba's. Which is the new word for bum.
3. Noah savors things while Ari devours them. Example 1 - food. Noah is slow and meticulous (for the most part) and Ari scarfs it down. Take it they both get the equal amount just with a time difference.
4. Example 2 - A couple months ago they each got a mini candy cane at my dad's work. From the time it took to walk from the coffee room to my dad's office. Noah was still holding his in his open hand just gazing at it. Ari's was in a billion pieces as he spent the whole time crushing it trying to get it open.
5. They love watching videos on the "puter". They vary but the short list is Shrek, Bus ramping, Tractors, Baby Dancing and Thomas gets blown up.
6. They don't like to be messy. Yes I know this is partly my doing but they like clean hands and clean mouths. And I like it too.
7. They talk alot. They know a ton of words and how to use them in sentances. They also still dabble in their own language which I think they are both quite good at. At least they understand each other well.
8. They have an obsession with the Night Garden - now seriously what the heck is that show even about. It's creepy. But they love Mikka Pikka and Meka Peka or whatever. The boat is good too.
9. Fruit Bites - also known as those little fruit gummies you get in little packages. My mom buys them in big boxes at Costco and my kids would do anything for fruit bites.
10. Often I will find them downstairs on their ride on toys crusing around the ping pong table. When I ask them where they are going they usually say Mexico to find Papa. (they went there in January and apparently ari & noah want to go too)
11. Noah has a little birth mark above his right ear - good way to to tell them apart. Ari has one on his bum.. not as telling.
12. Pretty sure they will go to kindergarten in diapers. They have no intrest in the potty at all and are content to sit in their own pee. poop not so much that they want out as soon as possible.
13. People often ask if they have their own jacket. The answer is no whichever one sits down on the stairs first gets the first jacket I can reach. I don't have time or the energy most mornings to remember who gets what jacket. And their boots are the same.
14. They do however have their own crib and this is something we have always done. Some times after we have a babysitter it's funny to get them out in the morning and they tell us they are in the wrong bed.
15. They must sleep with noise. We have always had some sort of fan in their room. Now we have an air purifier and they always ask for it...
16. On that same note they have listened to the same CD since they were in my belly. Every night it plays. It's called Celtic Lullabyes. When they were little I would actually hear it in my head when I was out.
17. They still love cars and tractors and pretty much anything with wheels. They are very meticulous about how they play though and often things need to be in a strait line or they go crazy. And if something doesn't fit that they want to fit it can be cause for meltdown.
18. They love going to Shirlies. She is the best and they have their friends that they talk about. I love that they have this interaction and feel loved there. It makes going to work so easy. I would be lost withouth Shirly.
19. Over Christmas they had the cutest obession with Baby Jesus (from Shirly). They loved to drive by our local Co-op where the nativity scene was and call out Baby Jesus lives there. I didn't think ahead to the fact that they would eventually clean that up.. we accidently drove by when they were taking it down and now Baby Jesus lives in a dump truck. ooops.

you can actually see him mouthing the words baby jesus. he looks for him in all books.

20. They have the crazies memory. Especially when we drive places. They only have to see something once and they know when it's coming up again. They remember places we have eaten once and who we were with. We drive by places I've picked things up from and they can tell me exactly what we did there.
21. They are super goofy. Silliness oozes from them.

22. Before napping they like to have soos, stuffy, blanket and watch Comfy Couch. (another really strange show). They love to cuddle and read books.
23. They don't like things tight around their neck or rubbing on their face. Especially winter jackets. They freak out if it's too tight.
24. They love routine. They go to bed usually around 7:30 and they sleep till about 7:30. They ask to go to bed and I think they enjoy the time to just settle and not be stimulated by someone else.
25. Since writing this I find it odd that they are still sleeping at it's 8:15.


Marcy said...

great list heather (and haircut!!)

kelly said...

indeed, a great list. they are getting so big and are so handsome!

eva said...

Loved getting to know your little guys more. As far as their sleep patern goes I think it has lots to do with mom. I have always had 12 hour sleepers too.

valerie said...

Love the list - so many are similar to my guys :) Fun stuff.

And Eva - I wish my child's sleep habits were ANYTHING like mine. Oh well...maybe one day :)

joanna said...

i like knowing things about them. one day i'll meet them, i'm sure.

Jenelle Suderman said...
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Jenelle Suderman said...

They are DEFINATLY your kids in every them!!! oh ya and am i one of those babysitters that put them in the wrong beds???

Holly said...

that was fun! are saturdays good observation days?

carly smith said...

love getting to know the little guys. my mission tomorrow: use "boomba" in a sentence at work and see if anyone comments!! love it!!!!!