Sunday, September 14, 2008

the real truth

well it appears i am completely at a loss... i have no ideas to put down here. maybe its the million things screaming around in my head.. i just can't silence them long enough to blog anything. so unless you have things you want me to blog about..questions, things you are dying to know about me? i am going to have to just take some time to sort my thoughts. coming up with ideas at this stage in the game is killing me. so leave your comments and i will answer your questions... and if not well then i'll be back when it flows more naturally...


Emily Deu said...

Tell me more about the business you are doing???

Anonymous said...

Hi there Heather,
I have been asked by the Dueck family to write a book about Renee. I gather you were a close friend; I was wondering if you could share your stories of her with me? My email address is: My website is

Thank you so much.