Friday, March 21, 2008

it is a good friday

thankful for time to relax this weekend after a long and busy week. now that i am working the days blur together. things at my new job are amazing. i just love it. the boys are adjusting so well.. they love their time with arlene. we have been watching siding go up on our house... its so nice to see the end of the construction phase.. can't wait for our driveway (with spring it is MUCKY).
not much news to report just wanted to let you know we are all still here. i have some new pics and stories with ari and noah but am not at home right now so that will have to wait. hopefully a new and inspired post soon.. i will leave you with some things i am loving right now.
i have already shared my love for ETSY with you but in particular i am loving THIS shop right now. looking to order some fabulous fabric soon...such yummy things. especially this pattern.
Love this idea HERE.

And thanks to Arlene leaving her ipod at our place one evening I am loving Sarah Harmer and her intense lyrics especially the track "coffee stain". You must check it out.

Happy Easter.

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Warren & Liane Thiessen said...

That is really cute fabric!
Thanks for the comment on our blog. About your question: We are going to start at the end of April to build. I can't wait to move!

- Liane