Friday, February 23, 2007

9 months and sick...

well my boys are 9 months old as of yesterday. its incredible that we have come this far. looking back i am not sure i ever thought we would make it this far. they seemed to have turned a corner in there sleep (although they do not sleep through the night) but i don't get out of bed much anymore which is amazing. we decided to seperate them into different rooms right off the bat when we put them down for bed at 7pm. so Ari sleeps upstairs in a playpen and Noah sleeps down in his crib. we decided that instead of rushing in when they whimper and cry to give them a pacifier we would just wait and see. sure enough within minutes they sooth themselves back down and thats it. its amazing how when they were together we would never just let them be because you were terrified of the other one waking up. so we are happier and they seem happier. they also seem to be weaning themselves off there third nap which in some ways sucks because they are so tired in the latter part of the afternoon.. but as long as they are entertained with puffed wheat we seem to be in pretty good shape. they have started to push themselves backwards when on there tummies - its must be frustrating because they are always reaching for whats in front of them and getting farther and farther away.
our whole family has been battling colds - runny noses, sore throats and then... last night noah was not sleeping well. super congested and all of a sudden had this awful barking cough and he was struggling to breath. his whole body was rattling... i tried to nurse him but he couldn't swallow. he had a high fever and his breathing seemed to be getting worse. so at 3am i packed him up and we went to the ER. they diagnosed him with croup they gave him some saline and some steriod medication through an air mask. today he seems to be doing better. the cough he produces is quite scary but it doesn't look like he's in pain like it did last night.
so that was our adventure. hopefully it will be gone soon. my parents are gone for 10 days and that always worries me. i rely on my mom so much - shes always so helpful and keeps me sane. i will miss her. well i gotta run. the dishes seem to be piling high and my floor is always full of puffed wheat.


Gina said...

Your boys are so cute! I read your comment about the Kingsbury books. I have all of them and you are welcome to borrow them, or the one you have not read, let me know if you would like to.

Walter & Mel said...

Hi Heather. Just another new blogger to your site :)

I had my daughter go through croup as well at about that same age. Not fun to hear them try to catch a breath. The worst part was trying to calm myself down as well as keeping calm for her sake. I hope to never go through that again! And I hope that your little boy will feel 100% better soon.

soph's mum said...

oh wow! how awful... so glad he is home and i'll pray that you are all better soon. i love you!

kelly said...

Some afternoons are touch and go here too, but if I can distract Taeya with food or a bath, it usually carries her to her bedtime. cutting out a nap bites though, eh?
poor noah! I hope he gets through this soon!

carly smith said...

i recognize those jammies!
you are an amazing mom, and you and your boys are in my thoughts all the time!! love you!