Saturday, February 17, 2007

Passion for Puffed Wheat

Snack time is our new favorite thing.. the boys LOVE puffed wheat. They jam it in there mouth by the handful. No teeth required.


Julia Di Francesco said...

wow there getting so BIG!! they have so much more hair now too, so cute!

Anonymous said...

So, what has surprised you most about motherhood,especially twins?
For me, it was that there really are 24 hours in a day and I was on call all 24 of them!!! My boys are now 11 and guess what - I am still on call 24/7. By the way, cousin K.L. keeps me posted on those cute babes of yours. I am her teacher.

kelly said...

Hi! I visited your blog a few months ago, and just figured out how I got here, so I'm finally back again! Though we have very different experiences as you have 2 boys, and i have 1 girl, they are the same age, so that is neat. Anyway, my daughter loves her puffed wheat too! it's very funny when it gets stuck on her hand and she can't do anything but shove her whole fist in her mouth :)
Now that I remember how to get to your blog, I plan on returning more often! I hope for more ease as you slowly wean them (i'm starting to do so as well), and that they will increase in their sleeping skills! Stop by some time, if you'd like,