Monday, January 29, 2007

shame on me

i realized today that the last few posts (or months) have had so many negative posts and although i feel safe to vent to my blogging friends i wanted you also to know that i realize my negativity and poor me scenarios are weighing me down.. so today i am choosing to be thankful and to count my blessings as they are even the small ones.. we all need somthing to hold onto.. so here is my list for today..

i am thankful:
-for ari and noah who amaze me every day with a new smile or new skill or new sound
-for a husband who helps me and gives me a break on the weekends, who always is willing to go the extra mile even when he's had a long day at work, who is also always (and sometimes forcing) me to receive his love.
-for a house that we love, that is warm, and is maybe not quite big enough for all of us but the comfy coziness of it is enveloping (most days)
-for friends who comfort me and listen to me... those here and those far away
-for new friends who through the blogging world have made me feel safe and semi sane, who are vulnerable to share their experiences and willing to listen to me vent when i feel life is too hard.
-for my family - those here who without i would have never made it this far and those far away who pray and send thoughts our way every day.
-for my escape from reality - satallite tv - thank you oprah, rachael ray, general hospital, y&r, grey's anatomy and tlc.. really thank you.
-for wades curry recipe that we had this weekend it made me so happy.
-for a somewhat healthy family
-for the day when we will sleep a whole night.

so be thankful today.. take the challange to count your blessings.. maybe the sun isn't shining outside today but i feel a bit lighter inside.


Gina said...

Thanks for reminding us Heather. GH AND Y&R hey?! Me too! Hope you can have a good week.

Reesh said...

I believe whole heartedly in the power of positive thinking. What works best for me is if as soon as I wake up everyday I say to myself with the biggest smile on my face "today is the best day ever." Then I try to do yoga in the living room with Lily and Kona crawling all over me. It makes me laugh and the positive thinking combined with the stretching almost always seen to ensure that I have a great day.

It's also good to vent though, and a blog is the perfect outlet for that. So if you need to just get it out, I think it's much healthier than keeping it bottled up inside.

j. oates said...'s so funny, i feel like God has challenged me to the same thing lately, especially this morning....the othe rday i had to make myself make a list of what i was grateful for instead of complaining to myself...and i'm having a much better day i think because of you sooo much!! read the book wanting all the right things..soo good.

hannah said...

hehe i like your list

Stu Bish said...

Nick, Hannah, Jana, Rebecca (from the Jan school) and myself are in Winnipeg for missions fest (this weekend) and the week after.... do you feel like some friendly faces? Jana's sorry she didn't email!

Monica said...

Heather I cathing up on reading your blogs.

I wrote and asked for a hard copy picture if you can of the boys from a few posts ago.

I love you,

jamie said...