Wednesday, November 15, 2006


read post below for backstory.. they have been screaming for 10 minutes and it feels like a lifetime.. mom are you there? why don't you love on me? ahh the torture.. my sister in law julia called me last night and i keep remembering what she encouraged me with.. they are not hurt, not in danger.. they are ok.. and trena i loved that you said that your noah is still a happy baby even with all the crying... these are words i am holding onto right now.. this is beyond PAINFUL!!! one stopped... my mom is holding me back from entereing the room.. ooh he started again.. my mom just offered me earplugs.. put a smile on my face.. will keep you posted.. still not sure this is going to work... audrey i need a big beer and a peter... BAD!


Trena Wanless said...

It's okay!!!! Stay strong!!! :) When I first did it Noah seriously cried for like 2 hours and 45 mins! Then he slept for like 10 mins...ate and then we started all over again!!! But the next day was better and the next better and then he was fine when we did it for his naps. Even now, though Noah's still having one cry it out a night at like 3:30 AM, he's still sleeping like 9 hours straight before that!! They'll get there!

It's absolutely horrible...but as long as you love on them huge whenever their up and keep checking on them...they'll be just fine!!! Noah is seriously hilariously happy and funny and just last night (well really this morning :) he cried for like an hour! :)

Keep it up...but remember to go with your gut, you're their mom, you'll know if they REALLY need you, don't ignore that feeling if you get it. If your not sure if you've had that feeling yet, you probably haven''ll know that certain cry or scream that means they really need you...otherwise their just saying (as Steve put's it) "mommy I'm just having trouble going to sleep cause I don't want to." :) Just keep in prayer about it too, God will lead you with wisdom on what to do. I pray now more for wisdom on how to deal with it then for God to make him sleep! :) Although I still pray that heaps!! :) Try putting some calm worship music in their room. Noah has the same CD that plays all night on repeat, it helps him stay calm and I believe brings the presence of the Lord. Love you!

Lydia said...


just read the background and this post. I am SO SORRY that you and dave are going through this. it really does suck. I don't even think i could handle it!!! I don't even like when baby do the HAPPY screaming/talking thing.

As a non-mom, I have no advice to offer. I can only offer my sympathy and prayers. I had actually been thinking about you guys the past few days -- this must be why.
I wish i could be there to give you a hug!

Love you so much and can't wait to see you.

Anonymous said...

Hey Heather!
Thanks for the updates. I love knowing where you are at, and that you are so honest with what's going on...whew!

wish you were here... Or I was there. Or that i could fix everything.

What I really want right now, if I close my eyes a good strong cup of coffee and a chat.

I love that you are such a super mom. I learn so much from you!

Angel said...

whoops!!! I signed in as Hannah!

Anonymous said...

Heather - you're doing great. If Dave is like Mike, and the crying doesn't make him crazy like it makes you - LEAVE THE HOUSE!!! Get away from the sound so you don't go wacky. Seriously - I could only stand so much. Trust yourself. Now go have that big frosty beer, put the ear-plugs in, and think happy thoughts. This too will end!

Trena Wanless said...

Just wanted to see how you are going! There is light at the end of the tunnel...after 2 weeks of trying hardcore to get Noah to sleep through the night...he did last night! 7 PM to 6 AM! yay!!!
No matter'll get through!

Anonymous said...

oh my goodness heather did you see oprah today on the set of grey's anatomy? it was sooo McFun ;)

Anonymous said...

Man, Heather, that really sucks. No advice, but I'm feeling your pain as best as I know how. Save a peter for me, okay?

Kristina said...

tomarrow is another day
another bag of earl grey
cream and sugar
cloud and sun
and when its gone
then its done.

hey, you watch'n suvivor? aitu is pretty cool eh? raro sucks!