Sunday, September 24, 2006

tWiN bEnEfITs

i feel i have so much to write about this week.. i'll start with yesterday.. after all week going back and forth about leaving the boys to go to the city i just decided it was ok. so i left yesterday morning at 7am and set out for the fall sale that the manitoba families of multiples puts on twice a year. now being my first time i was not quite sure what to expect although i had been warned it was a BIG deal and to come prepared for chaos. so i show up (late) at the Rec Centre. imagine a hockey arena (i think its indoor soccor tho) anyways.. imagine an arena - the whole part inside the boards is packed with stuff. from big equipment to clothes to toys to smaller equipement to a wall full of shoes - everything you could imagine for kids age 0-14. i wish i could paint you a proper picture. imagine a roped off area of big equipement we are talking 20 car seats, a dozen double strollers, probably 20 umbrella strollers, big toys, high chairs, play pens you name it. the tables of clothes spread out the whole arena. mounds upon mounds of clothes.

so little old me ready with my wagon and rubbermaid tub begins the process of covering this vast space. trying to negotiate my way amoung all the crazy people. the first hour is open to only members (who by the way have been lined up since before 8am) so as i am shopping i look up every once in awhile from the piles of stuff and see the "public" lined up 4 times around the outside of the glass staring in hoping you won't pick up that outfit or hoping you will leave that train set for them. there was a point where i actually had to laugh i mean this was hard core. so i spent about an hour and half throwing mass amounts of things into my tub only to wait in the longest lines ever at 10 checkouts. i walked away with so much and spent exactly my budget of $100. as i left and started to make my way home i would look in the back seat at my huge garbage bag of clothes and toys and stuff and smile one for having come in the first place and two for having survived my first sale. can't wait for spring to do it all over again.

back to being nervous about leaving my boys..i pumped this last week and broke into my emergency freezer supply to leave dave some bottles to give the guys. i fed them around 6:30 before i left and apparently my little angels were so good for their dad. they played and laughed (they started doing that this week - all out laughing) one ate at 10:30 the other dave had to wake up at 11 to eat) and then they hung out again till i got home after 2. i felt refreshed and overwhelmed with how much i love my boys after being away from them.

so the bottom line if you are a twin mom and you have a group you can join DO IT! it was so fun to be around all these twins and triplets and to have the benefit of this awesome sale. i heard they had over 600 people come through in the 4 hours it was open. anyways thats it for today. i have more to write about but will save it till tommorow.

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J n' N said...

Heather.. sounds like fun.. and also sounds like something you would totally kick butt at! Remember that one episode of friends where they go shopping for Monicas wedding dress, and she gives Pheobe and Rachel whistles for when they find the dress she is looking for... that is what I am picturing. and if you dont remember the episode then never mind....