Sunday, September 10, 2006

16 weeks

can you belive its almost been 4 months since the boys were born! yesterday we saw the doctor and she was so happy with how the boys are doing. Ari has surpassed his brother and is now the heavyweight at 13lbs 10oz and Noah not far behind at 13lbs 7oz. the last time we were there they were in the 12th percentile for their age and now they jumped to the 45th percintile. the boys are becoming so much more independant. they enjoy being put down and they are content to sit and watch me rush about or content to have all three of us lay on the floor and watch each other. they have taken to talking lately. especially if i talk to them or sing (their fave) they respond with little bird like sounds that make their whole face light up. melts your heart.
i have been enjoying reading other multiple moms blogs which i will be putting links too soon. i am amazed each time i stumble across another mulitple mom and get to hear her stories and see how their life has been blessed by two. another multiple mom reminded me that i too don't mind hearing people always feel like they have to say "double trouble" because us twin moms know there are the sweetest secrets and treasures to be had by having two. sometimes my heart feels as big as it could get and then they do something to make it swell even more.
the down side to the last two weeks is we have all been sick. noah got a cold first then me and now poor ari is struck with it. its sad watching little guys so congested they have to struggle to learn to breathe through their mouths. we are hoping this will be behind us soon and not turn into a vicious cycle of us infecting each other over and over. all i can say is its getting tiring trying to remember which breast is ari's and which is noah's.


Nova said...

45th percentile!! why, they're men already!

Reesh said...

Maybe you could answer a question I have about multiples. When they are together are they constantly interested in each other and trying to eat one another?? I just ask because whenever Lily is around other babies she is always accidently hurting them because she is just so interested in them. So I wonder if twins are around one another all the time if they still hurt one another or if it's perfectly safe to leave them alone together.

Just a curious mom of a singleton...

mathewandcarly said...

so glad things are going so well for you and your! :) love keeping in touch and up to date with you this way! :)
hugs and kisses all around! :)