Sunday, August 06, 2006

102 Combines, 162 acres, 11 minutes 16 seconds!

Yesterday Winkler played host to World Harvest for Kids which was done in an attempt to raise awareness for the children's camps being held in various countries around the world. By breaking this world record the goal is to tell the world about the valuable work of children's camping - raising needed funds and awareness for programs around the world. they have camps in India, SriLanka, Cambodia and Nepal all connected to Winkler Bible Camp. Check out the website for cool photos like these and to read about what they are doing. Oh and by the way yes they did break the record.


lindsey said...

that is so cool heather!

Monica said...

Hey Heather,

Thanks for informing us. I just love your interest in other things. It good to get your nose out of dirty diapers for a while. I look forward to cleaning some for you soon.

Love, Mom