Tuesday, August 01, 2006

10 weeks

can't believe the boys are 10 weeks old... we got the final results of the placenta test yesterday and they were right all along. we have identical twins. we were pretty sure about it anyways but its nice to know for sure.
they have been changing so much lately. smiling lots more and just generally maturing. they are so strong already.
we had a good weekend..its been so hot here though which is hard because we don't get a chance to be outside much. tommorow is suposed to be not as hot so maybe we will get out for a walk.
we are looking forward to this month as we have a few visitors coming our way.. auntie evelyn will be here next week for the whole week..jamie and craig come see us on the 22nd...daves parents are here the 20th for 10 days and our ywam friends will get to meet the boys on the 25th..we can't wait.

here is a picture of noah fresh out of the bathtub (in the blue towel) and ari right after his bath.


Audrey said...

wow, they have more chubs on them...awesome!!!

thanks for updating your blog...it means a lot to me!

lagiulia said...

Identical! Wow!!! I had no idea they were id twins. Maybe it's because I have frats, but I thought I could see a big difference in their looks. In any case, what a special and rare thing. They are just so cute. Take care!

Lydia said...

omg, they are so cute!! and getting really chubby!! :)

that's cool to know for sure that they are identical. it will be neat to see how that plays out.

i'm glad that you will have so many vistors this month!! hopefully it will be helpful and not draining.

love you!!!

Angel said...

hey heather!
identical - that's cool...Can you tell them apart?

We will see you soon (I am writing you an email soon!)