Thursday, February 02, 2006

what a week..

so now that the shock has worn off. i have some time to gather some thoughts. all this news has been quite overwhelming and has created some mind shifts for us. but i am equally excited at the double blessing we are being granted - with that double blessing i pray comes double grace.
there has been some time of surrender like not being able to have a home birth and having to consult with ob's. luckily my midwives still take me as primary care. we will deliver our babies in winnipeg as well. its amazing to me how often i have told my clients not to have expectation of their births and to hold everything lightly you just never know what will happen but i'm surprised at how many hidden expectations i held.
family and friends are extra excited. it was almost more fun telling people this news and the reactions we got were much bigger. so thanks to all of you for your excitement and support and your well wishes. it means so much to us.
as if we didn't have enough huge news we have more. we bought a house! yep my parents looked at it and we put an offer in the same day and this morning it went through so we are now official adults yep expecting twins, and homeowners all in one week. what will be next??
here is a pic of our new home at 231 Imperial Bay. It's cute, small and well taken care of. Good enough for the first while and we can move in April 1 which is perfect. ok now you let it all sink in..... p.s. the two deers in the front don't come with the house. i know i know its sad.
oh and if you haven't visited in awhile check out the post below for fabulous pictures.


Courtney and Sheldon said...

You didn't tell me that! It's great! It will make life so much more fun and exciting to be in your own place when this all happens! I enjoyed our chat today!

The Stiffs said...

Hey guys, we are SOOO excited for you, seriously I fell joy in my heart when I think about you. You are so blessed! Congratulations on your new humble abode. It looks nice. PS. I hear that those nice deer aren't too pricey, you could get some of your own you know. Grace and peace all over you guys!

ryguy said...

Have fun shovelling all that snow dave.
Glad your back dude!! congrats on the double trouble!

ev said...

now that i'm just about done telling everyone about your twins... i've got even more news - congrats on your house!
i love you guys! i'm so proud of you!

Lydia said...

WOW!! The house looks really cute! Congrats! That's a big step. Hopefully I will be able to come for a visit once you are settled in and the babies are born.

Heather, I think going through this experience is going to make you an even better Doula than you already are!!

Love you! xoxo

Lauraine said...

Wow Heather and Dave,

You are having twins? That is unbelievable but i am so happy for the two of you.
I'm actually speachless. What an awesome gift.
Thinking of you always