Wednesday, February 08, 2006


you know when you have someone in your life that just spells comfort for you. someone who you have learned so much from, have grown so much partly because of.. i think we all have more than one and i got to spend some time with someone who is that to me this week. my good friends ben and mel parsons and there adorable daughter jaya were here to visit up from seattle. it was great to spend time hanging out with them. mel is one of those people who knows me so well and has seen me in my worst times. we did our dts together almost 9 years ago - yikes!! and then i staffed in seattle for a few years with them. it was in that time i grew the most and she was always there to inspire and challange me. she is such an inspiration not only a great wife and mother she is also on her way to becoming a midwife. it was great to have them up here. here are a couple pics from our time with them.
not much else is new. after last week its been a quieter week. my tummy is growing what feels like daily. we traded in our stroller for the double version and i love it. it was great to have done all that research and have the one i picked luckily have a double model so it all didn't go to waste. i have joined a yahoo group that is so insightful on having multiples. its an attatchement parenting group that highly encourages exclusive breastfeeding, baby wearing (yes its totally possible) and co-sleeping. it has been refreshing to read other peoples experiences and realize that i don't have to give up anything just because there is two.
people keep asking me if i am overwhelmed and although the realization that life will be different definitly is real i don't feel overwhelmed; i feel blessed and up for the challange. the only thing i am worried about it having the support of others when we move who are likeminded in the breastfeeding area. i have already had skeptikal comments from people who don't realize that milk is a supply and demand thing and that you make what you need and there are women who feed triplets till they are well into there toddler years. i want to know that i am supported because i am going to need help! luckily there are great support groups in winnipeg for parents with multiples and i am attending meetings here too with women who are doing it.
ok ok enough about that. this has turned into a long post so i will end with that.


Mary Anne Roy (previously Sebrins) said...

you are so brave heather! it sounds like God is totally in all you peace, wisdom and insight! i will be praying for you (and dave) back here in hamilton! i totally plan on keeping track of your pregnancy and how you are doing..say hi to dave for me! i hope you continue to enjoy the pregnancy and stay healthy!
p.s. i have an msn space if you are ever interested msn email is
love Mary Anne..back in ontario

The Stiffs said...

Hey Heather, I encourage you not to let the wet blanket words of others to get you down. God has given you these babies, and He will give you the strength and everything you need to raise them well. I think your ideas about breastfeeding and baby wearing are SO great. These are things I want when I have babes. I don't know why people are so negative sometimes, but keep looking up. You've got my prayers and support.
Love ya!

DavenHeather said...

thanks guys. that was really encouraging to read this morning. tiff when you have babies you will need to come back to winkler so we can hang out.

Mom said...

You can do it Heather, and probably longer than I did since it's baby one and two.
I only nursed Julia and Evelyn for three months, while chasing after David and changing his diapers at 20 months and looking after Lydia, not quite yet four.

But what is baby wearing? did we have a different name for that 25 years ago or we just didn't do it?

with love and prayers for good health, Mom

Lauraine said...

Heather and David,

I sat down last night and thought how happy i was for the two of you. Then, out of the blue i remembered that my Mother (your maternal grandmother) was the 16th child and born a twin.
Isn't that something Heather. Let me know what you think of that.

mathewandcarly said...

so so excited for you guys!! now that you've heard that from everyone and their dog, but i'm psyched!! what an exciting experience, and truly a double blessing. if you want any books, let me know and i'll see if i can get my hands on them for you, ok?!? (i know how much i learn by reading!!) and i'm working on getting you another pair of exciting....i can hardly type! :D

Reesh said...

I totally thought I would be concerned with what people thought about my ideas of attachment parenting, but now that Lily is here, I could care less about what people think. We have hardly put any clothes on her and she is always in arms, she sleeps with us and I whip my boob out whenever she needs to feed no matter who is around. Lily is all that matters and what other people think matters less and less. I think you'll get there in your new town. I don't know if the Cuddly Wrap works for twins, but it is absolutely amazing as a sling. I think it was actually made in Winnipeg and their website is

Leanne said...

well i had just heard about the twins thing...congrats by the way. but moving to winnipeg? never heard about that one. and april 1, really? wow. so much change at one time. love you guys.

Anonymous said...

Dear Heather & Dave, Just to let you know we are thrilled to hear about your twins. I will do what I can Heather to help you and the babies. I know you can do it and have my support in all your decisions. Love you guys. See you in Winkler soon. Love, A.Marlene

lagiulia said...

Hi. Delurking to say that I exclusively breastfeed my twins, and it's been fine so far (now at 4 mos.). I don't feel that attachment parenting suits us, but I do think that you should go for whatever feels right to you and not let anyone convince you that you can't do it.