Saturday, July 16, 2005


wow. my first time to whistler. its magnificent. the mountains and trees - everything is so lush. its been a great relaxing weekend so far. we came up here for the Mission Adventure staff retreat. people keep commenting on how wierd it is to just do nothing all day long. we are fore sure not used to that. anyways i hope to post more pictures when we get back to the city. i'll post more then.
enjoy your weekend!


jamie said...

hey heath
glad to hear you are having a good time - i bet its beautiful up there! Miss all of you though!!! I'm having a pretty relaxing weekend as well though, just reading and eating and going to more training. Well i'll see you monday! take care,

craigchurch said...

hey heather. posted some clarification my 7 eleven comment, thanks for the input. that's what i thought about the 7 am to 11 pm, but i think they're actually open 24 hours, so that's what i didn't get, but thanks for the help. cc.