Monday, July 25, 2005

Sunny Seattle

Dave and I drove down to Seattle for the weekend and had a great time connecting with old friends. We spent time with Ben and Mel and Jaya the first night which was awesome. Sometimes you forget how much you love people until you are with them again and then you leave and you miss them even more.

We also got to see lots of other YWAMers which was tons of fun. Nic and Jana were out and it was great to see them. We got to meet Zara whom you saw pics of on my blog a few weeks ago. Sunday night all the girls went out for dinner to celebrate. I got to go lots of places I missed going too. It was fantastic.

We also got to hang out with my friend Zadok who is in this ridiculously good band called Mercir Check it out! It was awesome to see them play as I was there in the beginning when the band was just an idea. I felt so proud and they seriously rocked. Here are some pics from the show.
It was such a great weekend!

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Nova said...

it was great to see you two, and hang out over japanese food and gelato, near the waterfront, on a gorgeous sunny day, with bright futures in mind. shalom, suey