Sunday, January 01, 2017

one word: twenty17

So like I have done for the past 9 years I am putting myself out there. One Little Word. It's been so symbolic for me. Shaping my life. The Power of words is not something to underestimate. Thankful to Ali Edwards for introducing me to this concept:

 "A single word can be a powerful thing. It can be the ripple in the pond that changes everything." -Ali Edwards

It's been brilliant to follow through the years and see the faithfulness of God in each word. I want to experience this with you!

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I feel its so important to establish what I am longing for and looking for this year. I am not into making resolutions - not many seem to ever stick and I also don't need another thing I feel I have to live up to. That just sounds stressful. It's something I can look to as a yardstick to measure life by.

The process is always different.. this year it came easily. As I reflected on the past 9 years I just knew. You can read up on my past words:   2008: Simplify2009: Choose2010: Present,  2011: Shine2012: Authenticity,  2013: Worthy2014: Enough2015: She Who Is Brave Is Free , 2016: Light

Choosing my one little word each year has been something that has shaped me. It's being present and awake and stepping up to be my best self physically, emotionally, spiritually, creatively and within my relationships.

"in the end we'll all become stories" ~ Margaret Atwood

This year my word came to me in a big wave. It was undeniable. Let me back up... last year my word was Light and each year as I look back my word weaves its way through all parts of who I am. Light was big for me. God gave me a picture of a Lighthouse halfway through the year as I was struggling with some big questions. To me the Lighthouse signifies a beacon of hope for those who are lost in the darkness. When a boat is lost at sea it's the lighthouse that guides them to the safe harbour... when the lighthouse's beam of light streams across the water it's a way home. It's safety. I felt God calling me to bring Light just as 13 years ago he gave me the VERY clear word I was to bring life to others. Sort of like full circle. Light has been about showing me that the time has come for me to walk into the ministry and community He set in motion all those years ago. A good friend sat with me this week and reminded me that even when we feel insecure and thoughts of doubt creep in we have to remember that our calling means more to those we are called to help and if we deny ourselves that call there are so many out there who need our message, who need our light.

I've wallowed in a belief system that is garbage ultimately telling myself that I can't put myself out there because I will fail. It has seemed as though it's a never ending cycle of climbing the same mountain over and over. I do it to myself.. mostly through self doubt, critiscm and self sabotage. I wrote this verse in my journal the other day and felt God saying it was time to stop climbing the same mountain.. there is a different way. It's time to turn North. I see new opportunities of promise, challenge, growth, change and fulfillment. But my fear has set me back. Unbelief has overwhelmed me, small expectations of myself has lead me to wander around and around. We all have those mountains and life is just a continual circle.. I am ready to move on. I have stayed at this mountain long enough and it's time to turn, take my journey, and go.

"this is not your heart breaking my darling, this is your heart hatching, shedding the shell of who you once were, this is rebirth" ~ 

So for 2017 my word is Legacy || climb to the highest point. strike up the brightest fire. fan the flames and let it burn. the world is waiting. people need to know they are not alone. we need to shine so they can see the lighthouse and find their way. be light. shine. so they can find their way back home. 
Legacy for me will be about vulnerability, authenticity and telling truth stories. 


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