Saturday, February 25, 2012


I have more serious things to write about but I am trying to figure out how to do them so I am sure you hear my heart .. so those things are coming BUT for now I will share some of my favourite things right now. after all that's way more fun!

Shut the front door... thanks to a lovely friend today at SS (who happens to have some pull) we were introduced to these...

yep to celebrate 100 years these bad boys are hitting shelves.. YUMMY!!!

I have a small obsession with circle scarves these days. I now own two knit ones.. gold & grey and a friend made me a white one with navy polkadots. They are awesome for EVERYTHING.

While in the states last weekend on a VERY fun family weekend (more about that later) I had to go out and get some dry lip relief. I found it in the form of Burts Bees Medicated lip balm with clove oil. This stuff is AMAZING.

I've said it before but you must go over and get to know Iowa Girl Eats. I LOVE her blog.. LOVE all the recipes I have made from there. So many faves.. this is a new fave.

One of my new favourite quotes. Walking the path towards full authenticity. Especially in a world full of fakes.

I am growing out my hair. This is my prize.. gotta get through this yucky "yea I kind of have a mullet" stage.

This so sums up what I think friendship should be like.. not that there is anyone I want to go after a bat with .. but you know..

I am slightly obsessed with this polish since I had it on a manicure a few months ago. I know own it and it goes so perfectly over all the dark colors. Quitting nail biting 3 years ago was one of the best things cause know I can play with pretty sparkly polish.

I am starting a new session of bootcamps this coming week. Super excited to have a big class for Winkler as well as a brand new session starting in Morden. I will be teaching Mon/Wed evenings. 2 classes a night.. eeks a bit scary cause these workouts are NO joke. I am also changing my eating habits and putting a big emphasis on living my best life.. being healthy. I have a goal.. and this is it..

you should have seen me practice ;)

I love this and want to find one cause I think Jett needs this.


Budilian said...

Ok, I have to admit I read this post. Oreo's. My favourite cookie as a kid. They don't end up in our house too often these days. Burt's Bees rocks. It's the best lip balm ever. And I love mini-quiches. Are guys allowed to say that? Anyway, fun post Heather.

Carmelle said...

Fun post! I love those circle scarves, too, however I have yet to get one for my very own...its about time ;)

The Nilsen's Journey said...

Fun to "hear" you again! that sweater is adorable! If you find it, let me know! Also, I am so encouraged & proud of your leading bootcamps - I would be attending if we lived closer!! Would you email me more details about the program & how long it took you to be certified? We're moving to Norway in a couple months & this is something I am interested in... (

Lise said...

I like it when you wear circle scarves. I like it when you share your glittery nail polish with me. I like you. Like, lots. :)

marcy said...

Oh my goodness Heather... I'm picturing you upside down right now! I would have long made a dent in a wall or something!

Jenelle Suderman said...

love it! you must have a super cool friend that has great connections to get you that awesome polish ;) thanks for sharing your oreos with me last nite!!

valerie said...

awesome post Heather. i ♥ your favorite things. Especially the haircut (that is going to be AWESOME!) and the quote. I even have a bat ;P