Sunday, November 01, 2009

i'm here.

hi, i am here. i have been wanting to post but feeling i need to come to you all with pictures! and unfortunately with the craziness of moving i cannot find the camera cord... i am looking! 
we are enjoying making this new home our home. slowly but surely.
unfortunatly our house has been hit with some sickness this weekend - dave and noah. poor little guy has this horrible croupy cough, fever and is just generally not himself. i also hate when dave is sick.. he is weak and just not himself. hopefully we are nearing the end of a short illness. i have been beefing them all up on major vitamins and thankfully i have been feeling great.
not much else is new. i hope to be back this week with lots of photos for you.
oh and did i mention i am typing this up on my new macbook!! holy blessing. 
okay take care. 
see you soon!


Mel said...

here's to hoping you find that cord soon...
You may not know, but I am checking every day to see if there any pics up yet. I am SO happy for you. But you do sound very busy. I too am caring for a sick kid and husband (who is like a kid when he is sick), and it's tiring.
We are also moving...let's catch up elsewhere, not for the whole world to see...Mel

DavenHeather said...

yea mel email me back! i want to hear about life!!!!!

Holly said...

congrats on the mac!!!