Monday, June 15, 2009


In only a couple weeks we leave for vacation. We are going to Southern Ontario to visit Dave's family. Now to all of you who live there and read this.. I am 100% most excited to see you and visit and just hang out. You will love the boys and we will all have so much fun!! That said this post is now completely 100% also dedicated to the shopping that I have been anticipating for over 6 months now. I have been diligent and putting my pennies away and making route maps online of all the stores I will enter. If you are not from Manitoba you will not appreciate the lack of stores we have and how most of us have to travel to do some good shopping.. so to take you on a tour here is where you may find me in ontario this July.

Anthropologie - I have been here before but I was still insecure with my taste and style. I can't wait to walk around and see all the beautiful things I will surely want to by. All I have to do is browse the catalogue and I get goose bumps. Check it out HERE.

H&M - nuff said.

West Elm- never been but my love of decor always leads me to online shop here. It is mentioned often in House & Home magazine. I have been wanting a new light blanket for summer sleeping and this organic set screamed at me. And this lovely display of birds is beautiful.

Designer Fabric Outlet - for the LOVE of fabric. Oh my. I will be so happy here.

There are three antique/vintage stores in Toronto on Yonge street that I have mapped out. They are favorites of Sarah Richardson herself. I am hoping I don't pee my pants.

Of course there will be the stop at Ikea. I have many prints waiting for frames. It will be nice to look at finally use a gift cards I have there. If we are being honest one trip probably won't cut it.

Pottery Barn - I can't wait to peruse the isles of decorating goodness. I would gladly take one of everything seen HERE. And I may just take this idea and run with it.

So as you can see my retail senses are on overload and I can't wait to hit the streets. I also have some days off from kids where I hope to dive into many more treasures. I am also on the search for a killer turning 30 party dress and a new purse. I am sure Ontario will not disappoint.
Happy Shopping!


Lydia said...

excited to see you too. Hoping for no election....

Hurray for great shopping!!! You find amazing things, so I'm sure you will get some awesome stuff. :)

jamie said...

there's an H&M at the mall i work at!! :)

Jenelle Suderman said...

one word JEALOUS :)

valerie said...

so fabulous. LOVE that you posted on your excitement of the shopping that is awaiting you ;) Good times :)

Marcy said...

Oh Heather... this post just made me so utterly jealous!!!! :)

Eva said...

ooh Heather...sounds like so much fun!!! Enjoy!! :)