Sunday, November 16, 2008

mixed bag

i am me. have encountered every emotion available this week.. sometimes more than one at a time. we are 4 days from opening night.. makes me excited, makes me sad that it will soon be over and also causes me to barf a little in my mouth. it's going to be an amazing show.. i hope. it will be right?
my poor family is suffering (that's a tad dramatic).. i can see it in my kids every day. i pleaded with dave last night to tell me that he thinks they won't remember this... he was not so convincing. they did come see rehearsal yesterday afternoon and i hope that helped. we had to leave church early today cause they were out of control whining for their soos... we have implemented that soothers are only for napping and bedtime. so far it sucks big time!
friday i managed to take some time for me and spend the evening being creative. i finished my december daily album... i'll post more later.
last night i watched grey's with my girls.. a tradition we have been doing since the season started. nothing like great tv and good snacks and not to mention the best of friends.
not sure what else to write... my neck is sore, my brain hurts, my eyes are burning and i am me.. full of life.


Jenelle Suderman said...

Love that picture of the boys!!! Hope you have a great sunday...hopefully a bit relaxing!!!

valerie said...

Love that picture -- they're so cute! And be through this before you know it, and onto the next challenge. The boys will only remember that you were an amazing mom...full of life, energy, and love. Can't wait to see the show...making posters for Marmee!! ;)

Jennifer said...

Whoa - your boys look sooo grownup! Of course they won't remember this busy time! And good luck with the soo weaning. I really like your pun of "so far it sucks big time"! That made my day (as well as the picture)!

Steph said...

And this too shall soon pass. Hang in there, sounds like you are rounding the corner to the end.

hollysarah said...

hi Heather, just wanted to say thanks for the compliment on my etsy shop. :) It's an encouragement!
Good luck with Little Women! :)

Jamy said...

Can't wait to see the show this weekend. Good luck. And really, its gotta relieve some stress to look at those 2 adorable boys everyday. Great picture.

Jamy said...

Hey Heather,
Just wanted to say...Amazing job in the play. It was great.