Friday, October 17, 2008

friday funny

yes i know i have been MIA lately. just so much going on and my brain has a hard time putting things together. so to give you a little something for the weekend i decided a friday funny was in order.
i LOVE my job.. my space, my co-workers.. everything about it. we get alot done each day but we also spend a lot of time laughing and just generally having fun. i sit beside the most fabulous mentor or all things SAA related (School Administrative Assistant) she basically excels in all aspects of her job and I love being able to glean from her. Anyways.. a couple weeks back another co-worker of ours hmm lets call her M went away for a girls getaway with her sisters to grand forks. naturally on her first day back she was over at our desk and we asked her how her time was, what did the do.. shopping, talking, eating you know all the best things to do on a getaway. we asked where they ate and of course i chimed in.. "you must have had q-doba's right?" (cause of course that is my fave). she looked up from thumbing through files and said "Cute Oma's?"
oh my word.. luckily we were able to remain on our chairs and see through the tears in our eyes as we laughed so hard. seriously cute oma's? i LOVE that!
for those of you who do not have any sort of german background. Oma means grandma here.. and yea although Cute Oma's would surely have some amazing perogies or borscht she certainly would not be serving the best queso or burritos this side of mexico.
now as i have wrote this out i realize you probably had to be there.. but i don't care cause it's a wonder i have been able to type as i still chuckle to myself and it just reiterates the fact that work is a great place to be.
i actually had another funny from today but maybe i will leave you with this one and it will make you come back for more ECS friday funnies. we are full of them!


Evelyn said...

ha ha! cute oma's - i love it!!!

i'm so glad that you love your job so much! I'm still loving my job at la cantina. every weekend it's the perfect break from school. i get to serve great food and work with the most fun bunch of servers!

hope to talk soon, ev

Audrey said...

Aw, first you make me teary, and then giggle! It was really SO funny!!!
So next funny friday... "okay, thanks, bub-bye" ??? hee hee

Amanda said...

You two have WAY too much fun.

No, seriously. I'm jealous.

But you know that. :P

margo_klassen said...

Hey ~ guess where I had lunch today?! :) Yup...Cute Oma's!