Tuesday, January 08, 2008

checking in

just checking in.. letting you all know i am still breathing. buried under lists of things to do but breathing all the same. my lists get longer and longer and its as if i loose half my brain daily. so many things seem to to seep out. some thoughts in my head

-how come diapers seem to be fine during the day but my kids can't get a full nights sleep out of their diapers.. like tonight its 10pm and we've already changed one. sheese can't they make them like body size or something.
-i need a bench.. a dining bench. i know they exist but can't seem to find one for a good price. like free or next to free. eva check mcc for me next time you go.
-i am obessesed with potterybarn.com... i want it all. besides the lusting after everything it also makes me happy because it reminds me of the rupps.. good friends from seattle. for some reason its just that pottery barn and amanda go together for me
-Ali had a great blog post today about doing a want. book... just a place to write things down and i like the idea that once you write it down maybe it will just go away into space somewhere and i won't want it anymore... yea right. but i do like the book idea.
-have a some ideas for a good giveaway on here.. thats to come
-i re-upholstered my dining room chairs (yea all three of them) it looks awesome and i am so happy with the fabric i came up with.
-brought diner to two fabulous families with new babies tonight.. just looking at a newborn seems to put it in perspective. beauty at its finest.

thats enough thoughts for tonight.. till later


Eva said...

You and me both...surfing Pottery Barn. So, what kind of bench? Don't forget to post a pic of your table and chairs once things slow down. :)

jamie said...

hey heather not sure if you're still watching but did you happen to catch svu last night? Holy crap it was intense... hope all is well!

Marcy said...

I was wondering if that want book would make things easier or worse! LOL

anita said...

love your perspective...love your honesty! and if you find a bench let me know! :)