Saturday, December 29, 2007

christmas past and looking forward

its hard to believe its all over. we have one gathering left this weekend but all signs of christmas have been removed from the difran house. it was obviously a bit more stressful and tiring then we had planned for with noah being so sick. we enjoyed time with family and of course were blessed with great gifts. its been one week since our first visit to the hospital and noah is doing so much better. the downside is that ari seems to be coming down with the same thing.. croupy cough and he was up early this morning wheezy. its so frustrating to see this cycle and to feel like there is no break. everything just seems to be piling up and sitting very heavy on my shoulders.
from sick kids to all that needs to get done with moving. we finished painting the doors yesterday and the trim and baseboards and doors are going in as i type. a couple rooms are done and it looks amazing. better than i even imagined. i just can't wait till it is all done. packing on this end also is looming and seems an impossible task these days. i find myself looking forward and thinking of all the stress to come. why do i do that to myself... as if today doesn't hold enough i always seem to be waiting for the next thing and worrying about that. this is something i am thinking of as i look to the new year. i have been thinking of this alot this week and want to come up with my one little word for 2008. what is it i want for myself.. to discover, to live with, to embrace and to give meaning.... more to come.

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Dianna said...

Aww you poor dear to a total stranger I still would love to come help out. Even tho I also have 2 toddlers. I would love to come and give you a hand on the house. A full days work you'd be surprised what can get done. I always loved that kind of work.I'm a kinda ''bull by the horns'' kinda lady. I know you'd need it. Moving and renovating and building from scratch is stressful.But in the end it's all worth it. I guess it's just harder on you with sick children. That must be tough. I hope they are much better as I type. May God bless you~