Tuesday, October 24, 2006

all in a weeks work..

here we are again. having a few minutes to spare while the boys nap and since i have wanted to update this thing in so long i figured now is a good time.. only two weeks left of my parents trip and you know i am quite proud of myself for how things have gone. i think there has only been one meltdown day and my sister-in-law saved me from that.. i feel i have been able to stay pretty close to on top of things and stay sane at the same time. it helps that the boys have been so good.. a bit fussier at times (thanks to little white dots on their bottom gums - oh God help me)
i have been learing so much too about my role on this planet and how easily i revert back to the mind set that i have to have ALL things together... the perfect wife, mother, friend, daughter, sister) at my women's bible study group last week i shared this.. and someone gave me an encouragement - its not possible to be perfect but in doing everything we can strive to be excellent.. yes, i have been trying to be excellent in all i do and not being so hard on myself when the floor is dirty, the dishes are everywhere and my stupid cassarole is rock solid frozen after being in the oven for what feels like forever.
so in the small things i continue on.. and when i look back at last week i did pretty good..

cleaned my house - one room at a time
did massive amounts of laundry
baked a pie
caught up with an old friend
changed ALOT of diapers (you should make a guess at how many i go through in a day)
played with my boys
pulled out all my flowers and got the yard winter ready
made a card for a friend whom i miss dearly
baked cookies
taught Ari to nap in his crib
got supper on the table pretty much most nights
cuddled with my husband
did i mention laundry
laughed with my boys who turned 5 months old yesterday
cleaned up so many diapers along with some poop that went up to the shoulders
spent time with friends
attended my weekly women's bible study
turned off the tv every once in awhile and listened to a good cd

its all in the small things..


Lydia said...


wow. that is actually a lot of stuff you accomplished!!! you should definitely be proud!

that's cool that you are going to a women's bible study!

the boys are getting so big! i can't wait to see them and you and dave.

love you! xoxo

Anonymous said...

Way to go Heather - you accomplished more than I did this week!

Audrey said...

heath, i love your writing, you are amazing, no more than amazing...I thought about you lots today...i wish i could be there to hang out and talk! and help you...well, soon enough, i will be there!

love you so much!

The Stiffs said...

Hey Heather,
Thanks for sharing the stuff about feeling the need to be the perfect wife, daughter, friend and sibling. I have been working through this stuff this week too. I need to find the balance where I am happy: accomplishing my goals, but not driven crazy by them.
Wish I could be part of the Bible study. It sounds like the kind of fellowship that would be so wonderful right now.....all in due time.
Love to you and yours.

lagiulia said...

What an awesome woman you are- not so much because you cleaned your house (though you've got me beat there!), but because in the midst of this new chaos you still find time to play with the boys, bake treats, and connect with friends. And that's what it's all about. Good for you, and thanks for reminding me to do some of those things, too.

Angel said...

hey heather
you are truly an amazing inspiration!!!
i sure do miss you tho!

Soooo good to hear from you.

You look fresh and amazingly happy.

Trena Wanless said...

Your're on fire!! :) I still have trouble getting the house cleaned each week! :) Love to you all! PS. the boys are so cute!!!

Rach said...

Wow, you sound like you're really busy. I can't imagine having double the duty! It's great that you still find time to relax with the boys.