Monday, October 03, 2005

i miss lindsey

this was on our ride to sask - we hit a snowstorm in the mountains. it was beautiful.
i wanted to call lindsey today and it was so sad when it hit me that i can't. lindsey moved back to winnipeg this weekend. and although intellectully i know that spring is not far away and i will see her soon it is hard when you are used to just being able to call each other and hang out.

things aren't the same without you linds. i love you!


Kristina said...

ah, I miss lindsey too! its sad to think she not in vancouver anymore. thats a great pic

Angel said...

ummm... i miss lindsey too....

she makes great crepes. and i know yesterday when i got up she would have made me coffee too

Kristina would have just left a dirty tea bag on the counter...
(he he he just kidding!)

Kyle said...

hey heather and dave, great to see you blogging. got the link from angela!

might see you guys today since i am going to help at the hockey again...dave you going to be playing.

talk to you soon, and hey check out my blog when you have a chance. I had been switching between 2 over the last year, but this one will be good i think.