Tuesday, June 28, 2005

homeless with nowhere to go...

hey all, yes its been awhile since i last posted. busy busy. we have about 200 kids here this week with Mission Adventures so its been endless days of cleaning, cooking and running around. i get to stay in the quiet office most days away from the craziness but being here is being surrounded by lonliness.
so with our office being quite vacant we have become somewhat of a hotspot for the homeless in our neighbourhood. our office is good that way - lots of overhangs and warm dry spots for people. on monday we had 7 people using our ywam hotel. its a hard line to walk as we want to be friends with the people hurting in our neighbourhood but its also not healthy to be ushuring in this mindset of being a hotel. they leave (after being asked a few times) lots of garbage, drug paraphanelia and human excrement which we have to clean up. its not so pleasant. so i am now the resident bad guy making arrangements for gates and locks and organizing the poor cleaning crews who really should have masks.
so thats a day in the life...
walking a fine line and loving it.

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