Friday, March 25, 2011

wail - MAIL!

bonus points if you can tell me where my title comes from! ;)

It's true I LOVE mail. I have always loved getting the mail. Especially when there are fun surprises... months ago I pre-ordered a book and totally forgot about it. Until yesterday....

it was such a happy moment to open up the box and find Decorate. It's a lovely book written by blogger Holly at Decor8. I have not had too much time to go through it but it's LOVELY. such a happy surprise.

I was also excited to find a package sent by my sweet friend Martha in Ontario.. she shopped at H&M for me... my favorite 10lb tanks (; Crystal) are from there.. I wear them everyday under everything!! I asked for two.. she sent me three just cause she's sweet like that... lovely spring colors!

And just a preview of room tour in the works for the boys room which I hope to share early next week....

Happy Weekend!!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Some nights Dave and I lay awake talking about the fact that we have almost 5 year olds... we look back (on what we can remember) and it's hard to believe we've all come this far. I mean if you've been following you also probably have breathed some sighs of relief too.

Now that they are almost 5 things are easier. Ok who I am kidding they are ALOT easier. Noah and Ari are caring, sensitive, generous, easy going, try anything, kind, silly, good kids. They love big.. Going on Maternity leave this year was a bit hard for me.. I was really nervous how it would go. When I went back to work it was what we needed... we all needed the break from each other. I needed to get out and do something else and half days was perfect for us. We were blessed with the best childcare and things just came together. So a full day at home for all of us made me nervous.. would we fight all the time? what would we do?

I am so thankful to say it has been such a good year... I feel like we have gotten to do so many fun things. The boys love being at home and you know what so do I. I am so thankful for this time we have gotten to be together before it all changes... you know Kindergarten in the fall.. yikes!! Some of the days are LONG and we don't always get along but we figure it out.. the four of us just roll with it. Some afternoons we get in the car and go to town because I know they will fall asleep and we all need it but for the most part our home days are good days.

Just two more reasons to be so thankful for the life I've been given. A blessed mama of some fun, crazy, goofy, boys. Who somedays dress up like super hero's!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

the real stuff.

If you know me or have been following Our Life Voyage for awhile you know I value the real life raw emotions of daily living. I hate fake. I think our struggles in life are behind the amazing people we are and behind the great things we can do!

This has been a GOOD year.. I had always hoped my 30th birthday year would be the year of me.. it didn't end up that way.. there were some very dark times and I struggled more than I care to share... So I staked my claim to 2011. I have made choices to live the best life yet. For me. MY best life.

I decided to befriend my God again... to revisit those deep, deep wells. The water has been so so good. I joined a bible study group and we are going through Beth Moore's Breaking Free. It's been amazing. Dave told me the other night the changes he has seen in me... it was like a breathe of fresh air.

I also decided enough was enough with the overwhelming obsession with my weight. I made a choice to believe in myself and made a promise to myself to nurse myself back to life. To a healthy, active life. I joined an online community (the same group that did the bootcamp I was a part of last fall) It was called the fat shredder. A community of people who were tired of dieting and failing. We learned how to take care of our bodies by what we put into them... getting rid of the junk.. not only what we eat but the lies we tell ourselves. We were given the chance to view 20 minute workouts daily.. AMAZING. I actually love loading a workout each day. I mean 20 minutes is so doable! I can waste 20 minutes so easily. The biggest thing I can say now looking back and having completed it is I view myself so much differently.. I am not defined by what I eat. I care so much more. I feel confident. I feel more me than I have ever felt before.

So to bare all.. I am happy to report that with lots of hard work I lost 9.5 inches!!!
I decided to loose the scale part cause it was just dragging me down.. a number doesn't matter to me anymore.. but how my clothes fit and how strong I feel .. now that's what matters.
I was also gifted (God is so amazing) a 10 week yoga class.... AMAZING. I am in awe of what my body can do. It's so nice to feel strong again.

I can't say one or the other of these two life changes is better than the other.. I feel they both have worked hand in hand. I am making choices to become more disciplined, to live strong, to grow deeper in love... and of course learning day by day To Shine!! What are you learning so far in 2011?

p.s. I have not forgotten about the big reveals on our makeover upstairs.. just waiting for a few small things to finish the rooms.. I'll be posting soon :)

Thursday, March 10, 2011


40 days... Jesus wandered in the desert for 40 days.. I can handle 40 days. Lent is seen as a preparation.. a call to repent, a call to remember. It's not meant to be easy. As I have been learning to live in the unconditional, forgiving, deep love of God I am finding it easier and easier to let things go...

So for this season I am giving up all shopping.. other than groceries and the bare necessities... I am longing to be reminded of all HE has done for me... to remember how far I have come and to revel in the wonderful amazing jaw dropping lovely plans He still holds for me.

and yes for the record.. shopping does make me feel like the above... (and of course because I am human I did go shopping on Tuesday... )

Tuesday, March 08, 2011

keeping busy.

this weekend the upstairs got a major upgrade.. the paint looks amazing! waiting on a few items to complete the rooms and I promise I will give you a tour...
while dave was painting there were two eager helpers... I kept them busy with their own kind of painting.

Jett was there too :)

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

the master

As many of you know we moved into our dream house a bit over a year ago... I have loved making the space our own. We have invested time and energy into mostly main areas (minus the kitchen... Dave says maybe in 12 years.. lol) The upstairs has a start. We did my studio and of course Jett's room. It's finally time to attempt the rest...

Painting the hallway, the boys room and FINALLY focusing on the master bedroom. It's funny.. it seems to always be the last place we focus. It's the first thing you see when you wake up and the last thing before you close your eyes... it really needs some lovin.

I think I have settled on the paint and I got new bedding. I plan to change the fabric of the headboard and have bought curtains... a few more things to get and we are all done. But for now a peak into some of my inspiration folder...
Can't wait to show you the rest.