Monday, February 20, 2006

you can't live in my ribs...

its been a while. each weekend dave and i have the intention to take a pregnancy photo of my ever growing belly and we are falling behind. this week i promise. so the newest thing is one baby likes to live in my rib cage and stretch out. its fascinating to know its growing and i can feel it but its taking its toll on my ribs. the babies are kicking lots too. some nights dave and i can't keep up with trying to feel them all. one kicks here one kicks there and then this morning i found out they love music. during worship they were all over the place. its so fun to feel them moving. hard to imagine how cramped it must be in there for them and they still have a ways to go.
we had breakfast with my parents at the airport on saturday as they had a layover on the way to their fantasy trip to thailand. all expense paid. incredible. i am excited for them to get off the continent and see what they are missing. after sending their kids all over the world they deserve to get away.
so we scored yesterday at the ikea as is box sale. a couple times a year they load their warehouse with damaged boxes that have not been looked through. you wait in line and you have to barrel your way around crazy people. its awesome. anyways we scored big time. we got $1100 worth of furniture for $100.00. Incredible. Our house looks like an Ikea warehouse as we are not unpacking any of it but will leave it boxed to make the move to Winkler. It was a fun day even when we had to configure a roof rack to get some of it home.
i wanted to put out a disclaimer on my previous post. i spoke openly about my feelings of attatchement parenting and breastfeeding and in no way meant it to be a harsh word to those whom i love and whom i already know i can count on back home. it wasn't meant to accuse them of not caring or not helping. i already know in my head that i can count on those people. i was just expressing my fears of the well wishers who mean well but don't have the kind of authority to speak into the way you plan to raise your kids. you know the ones you come across and who are barely acquaintences. so if any of you reading this felt i meant you by no means did i. i know who loves me and will support whatever way i find i can manage these two little babies.. i am going to need you and know i can count on you for anything.
till next time my friends...

Wednesday, February 08, 2006


you know when you have someone in your life that just spells comfort for you. someone who you have learned so much from, have grown so much partly because of.. i think we all have more than one and i got to spend some time with someone who is that to me this week. my good friends ben and mel parsons and there adorable daughter jaya were here to visit up from seattle. it was great to spend time hanging out with them. mel is one of those people who knows me so well and has seen me in my worst times. we did our dts together almost 9 years ago - yikes!! and then i staffed in seattle for a few years with them. it was in that time i grew the most and she was always there to inspire and challange me. she is such an inspiration not only a great wife and mother she is also on her way to becoming a midwife. it was great to have them up here. here are a couple pics from our time with them.
not much else is new. after last week its been a quieter week. my tummy is growing what feels like daily. we traded in our stroller for the double version and i love it. it was great to have done all that research and have the one i picked luckily have a double model so it all didn't go to waste. i have joined a yahoo group that is so insightful on having multiples. its an attatchement parenting group that highly encourages exclusive breastfeeding, baby wearing (yes its totally possible) and co-sleeping. it has been refreshing to read other peoples experiences and realize that i don't have to give up anything just because there is two.
people keep asking me if i am overwhelmed and although the realization that life will be different definitly is real i don't feel overwhelmed; i feel blessed and up for the challange. the only thing i am worried about it having the support of others when we move who are likeminded in the breastfeeding area. i have already had skeptikal comments from people who don't realize that milk is a supply and demand thing and that you make what you need and there are women who feed triplets till they are well into there toddler years. i want to know that i am supported because i am going to need help! luckily there are great support groups in winnipeg for parents with multiples and i am attending meetings here too with women who are doing it.
ok ok enough about that. this has turned into a long post so i will end with that.

Thursday, February 02, 2006

what a week..

so now that the shock has worn off. i have some time to gather some thoughts. all this news has been quite overwhelming and has created some mind shifts for us. but i am equally excited at the double blessing we are being granted - with that double blessing i pray comes double grace.
there has been some time of surrender like not being able to have a home birth and having to consult with ob's. luckily my midwives still take me as primary care. we will deliver our babies in winnipeg as well. its amazing to me how often i have told my clients not to have expectation of their births and to hold everything lightly you just never know what will happen but i'm surprised at how many hidden expectations i held.
family and friends are extra excited. it was almost more fun telling people this news and the reactions we got were much bigger. so thanks to all of you for your excitement and support and your well wishes. it means so much to us.
as if we didn't have enough huge news we have more. we bought a house! yep my parents looked at it and we put an offer in the same day and this morning it went through so we are now official adults yep expecting twins, and homeowners all in one week. what will be next??
here is a pic of our new home at 231 Imperial Bay. It's cute, small and well taken care of. Good enough for the first while and we can move in April 1 which is perfect. ok now you let it all sink in..... p.s. the two deers in the front don't come with the house. i know i know its sad.
oh and if you haven't visited in awhile check out the post below for fabulous pictures.